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The Rich Young Ruler - 21st Century Version

A (Composite of the 3 Synoptic Gospels) Rich Young Ruler came to Jesus and asked, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

Jesus said, "Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor ".

The Rich Young Ruler said, "You're kidding! I'm the Rich Young Ruler!"

So Jesus said, "How about you sell half your possessions and give half what you get to the poor?"

And the Rich Young Ruler said, "You don't seem to get this Jesus - look up the word "Rich ". I was born this way. You can't expect me to become poor".

So Jesus said, "How about selling a quarter of your possessions and put the profit in the church offering?"

And the Rich Young Ruler said, "How about I decide to give what I think is enough?"

And Jesus said, "OK".

And Ananias and Sapphira breathed a sigh of relief.

And the Church disappeared in a puff of compromise.

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