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I'm not religious?

I have had so many people tell me they are not religious that I'm beginning to think there is a religion called "Knot" - " I'm Knot religious". I know, that was bad.

But seriously, I've started a conversation and people have said, 'I'm not religious'. My standard response is, "Neither am I", but I'm beginning to think I need another response.

My funniest one was a few years ago in Devon when the superintendent minister left and I took over as superintendent. He moved before the removal firm left and they (for some reason) left all the lights in the house on, all the windows open and the keys in the front door. The woman who lived across the road turned the lights off, closed the windows and locked the doors. The message eventually got to me that she had the keys, so I went to get them, and she said, "I'm not religious, but I locked the doors"!!!! I fell about laughing after I got home! What does that even mean?

Recently I gave someone my book, which is the story of my life; she handed it back to me and said, "I'm not religious" (The implication being that she doesn't, or can't read?) I said, "Neither am I", and she said, "I thought you had to be religious to be a minister (she may have said 'vicar', but never mind). I said, 'No, you just have to be a Christian". The conversation died at that point. This person believes that all animals have souls! Is that not religious?

Then someone talking to me on the phone said, "We are not religious (plural this time), We are scientists'. My response this time was, "Hey! Some of us are scientists!' She apologised.

But aren't scientists religious? On the whole they believe, unquestioningly, in evolution. They are very fundamentalist when it comes to evolution - no evidence, but don't question my belief, because it is unscientific/anti-science, to question evolution.

The default position of the human race is religious. Most people don't have a statement of faith, but they have a set of beliefs that you are not allowed to question, or doubt.

Jesus came to set us free from religion, so I will continue to maintain my biblical Christian beliefs. The early church was considered to be a philosophy, not a religion. To be a religion back then you had to have a temple, priests, and a sacrificial system. I'm happy with being a follower of The Way.

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