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Hate speech?

Yesterday, 13th August, was “Left Handers’ Day”. I'm left handed; I’ve never found it a problem. I have met the occasional Sinisterphobic person who (according to modern definitions of ‘phobia’) were either afraid of me because I’m left-handed, or they were afraid of becoming left-handed.

I have heard the insulting names: ‘Cack-handed’; ‘South-paw’, but I haven’t been offended.

I was tempted to be offended when I transferred into the Methodist Ministry - at my Welcome Service the Chair of District (who in those days was a Chairman [before ‘man’ had to be dropped because it was offensive to women]) was using the new Worship Book. At one point in the service the rubric instructed him to offer me the “hand of welcome”. It used to read, “right hand of welcome”, but the word ‘right’ was removed in case it caused offence to those of us who are left-handed!! He then offered me his right hand!!! I tried! I really tried to be offended. I just couldn’t manage it.

But it makes me wonder: did God make me this way, or did I have a choice? I was actually born ambidextrous (or is that “bi-handed”?) I am right-brained, but I use each hand for a particular purpose, e.g. I text with my right thumb, but I type with my left forefinger; I can only use scissors with my right hand, but I can only write with my left hand.

Is it acceptable to just have one day in the year for those like me? Should I form a club? Should we have a parade (walking anti-clockwise!)?

It is easy to accuse anyone of ‘hate speech’ nowadays, but I find that the hate is usually in the eye of the accuser.

Most people are right-handed. I wouldn’t suggest that is normal; it is just a fact. I would never consider campaigning for left-handed can openers; left-handed books; left-handed door handles.

I would rather not be identified by which hand I use for what. My identity is in Christ. In fact that is how the Bible identifies everyone - either ‘in Christ’, or ‘in Adam’.

There is no hatred in these designations, just the desire to “make everyone complete in Christ” (Colossians 1: 28).

Surely there is nothing offensive in wanting the best for everyone?

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