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I’m just reading “The Christology of the New Testament “ by Oscar Cullman. It was published in 1956 so it’s not new, but I’ve only just started reading it. He writes about how the early church - New Testament church - wasn’t concerned with theology (the study of God), but with christology (the study of Christ). There is no Trinity in the New Testament because that wasn’t their concern. They saw Jesus as God so they didn’t try to divide the Trinity into different roles - Creator; Redeemer, etc. They were not theologians, they were christologians. Maybe that’s why Nicky Gumbel starts the Alpha Course with ‘Who is Jesus?’, rather than ‘Who is God?’

So the InterFaith question is not: Are all Gods the same? But: Are all Christs the same?’, which is a nonsense question.

Let’s be Christologians and see if that gets us closer to what we should be.

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