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I have been reading a lot about sex lately. It’s been interesting to say the least. We are currently deciding in the Methodist Church to redefine sexual immorality and all kinds of nonsense is being spouted and there are a lot of attitudes that are not Christlike.

I have heard that God isn’t interested in what goes on in the bedroom. And I am disappointed and worried that most of this nonsense comes from people who stand in a pulpit every Sunday (current restrictions excepted) and tell people they are bringing a word from God.

God isn’t interested in what goes on in the bedroom? So why is there so much sex in the Old Testament? And what about the first command found in the Bible! It isn’t, “Don’t eat that fruit”. The first command is, “Go have sex! Have as much as you like and have lots of children in the process. Don’t stop having sex until you have filled the earth”. That’s my translation of Genesis 2: 28.

You would have to wonder how we became such prudes!

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