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Water, water, everywhere!

I was watching Gardeners' World on BBC i-player and there was a "water expert" on (fascinating thought!). She was telling us how to re-use water for our gardens and told us how many water butts she had, and that her family used a bucket in the shower (?) to preserve water. She said we needed to save as much water as we could, before it ran out! And that got me thinking! 70% of the earth's surface is covered in water. that leaves 30% not under water. I know it's salt water, but (despite my home page) when I left school I worked in ICI, and we made chlorine by taking the salt water from the River Dee and separating the salt (NaCl) and then separating the chlorine from the sodium. I know there are a few more chemicals in salt water than salt, but surely we can remove those as well?

Then I got thinking about Noah and the Flood. The liberal theologians and Bible scholars tell us it was a local flood that covered the "highest mountains on the earth" (Genesis 7: 19). There is no logical reason, with our concern about climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps to doubt that the Flood was worldwide.

So I'm going to get my hose and water the garden!

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