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Was the serpent totally dishonest?

I'm reading a book at the moment that is making me think - I like the experience. Since lockdown began I have read 51 books (22 of them were novels admittedly), but this one will take a while to get through. It's about the Israelite conquest of Canaan, and I'll add some more thoughts on here as I process them.

But this thought was a by-the-way comment in the book. In Genesis 3: 5, as the serpent is talking to Eve, he tells her that she will not die if she eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; that is a lie. But, he also tells her that she and Adam will be like God. And in verse 22 God agrees with the serpent: 'they have became like us....' In all these years I hadn't considered that! That is what is wrong with the human race. That is what explains some of those strange laws in the Old Testament (more on those later). That is why selfishness is the base line sin of people. We have each, individually, become like God.

We were never supposed to be like God and we just can't handle it. We were designed to be dependent on God, but now we are like him, we are separated from him, lost and alone in the creation. Why else would we be always wanting to get out in space to see what's out there?

That's why death seems so wrong (well it is anyway), but if we are like God we shouldn't die, but we do.

I could write pages on this, but this is one of the thoughts buzzing around.  I'm going to be wary around rival deities from now on!

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