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The miraculous evolution of the Giraffe

I've never found evolution convincing - even before I was a Christian. It involves suspending common sense, but here is the scientific explanation of the evolution of the giraffe. To me, this sounds like a miracle:

The giraffe, I was informed at school, had to grow its long neck because it couldn't reach the leaves on the higher branches and it wasn't quick enough to get to the leaves on the lower branches. This was school-taught evolution - as the giraffe lay starving to death it said to itself, "I must grow a longer neck" (I would have developed faster legs, but what do I know about giraffe psychology).

So, grown up evolution: the dead giraffe gives birth to a new generation of giraffe with a long neck. This required a 2 . 5 foot long heart to pump the necessary blood up its long neck (your average giraffe is 18 foot tall). So then the giraffe bends down for a drink and all that blood bursts the blood vessels in its brain. And as it is dying the giraffe realises it needs valves that will close, to slow the blood pressure.

So the next generation is born with long neck and valves, so it can safely bend down for a drink. But along comes a lion, so the giraffe lifts up its head to run away; the low blood pressure makes it pass out and the lion kills it.

So the giraffe realises that its arterial valves need to open so the blood can get to its brain so it won't pass out. (Unfortunately it is being eaten by a lion when it realises this). But somehow the next generation is born with the necessary valves.

That is the science: an organism doesn't evolve until it realises that it needs to improve its functioning. Unfortunately the giraffe is dead before it realises it needs to improve.

Don't you just love science when it looks like this! And people say they don't believe in miracles!

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