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Spiritual Gifts

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I always find myself responding to things I hear or read. This time it's the assumption that there are no spiritual gifts. I discovered many years ago that I have gifts of healing. I like that it is plural in the Bible. Counselling I have done - and seen people healed of what today is called "mental illness". It used to be psychological, spiritual, or emotional problems. Nowadays they are all mental illnesses, because with an illness there is no responsibility. Physical healing I have done. I have laid hands on many people and seen them healed. But what if someone in one of my churches decided that they should have the opportunity to do this? They have a different opinion, (and all opinions are equally valid). Should I just say, 'Go ahead'? Even if no one is healed!

What about evangelism? I have introduced a few people to Jesus, but I'm not a gifted evangelist. Paul told Timothy to 'do the work of an evangelist', and so I have occasionally done that. But if I was organising an evangelistic event should I ask for volunteers to do the evangelising, or should I look for someone with the gift? Which would be successful? Or do we not want success? Are we still repeating that lie: "God doesn't want us to be successful, He only wants us to be faithful" (my paraphrase)?

So why is it when it comes to teaching and preaching we think that anyone and everyone should 'have a go'? Are teaching and preaching not important? Do we not recognise that there are gifts of teaching and preaching?

Does it not matter that no one learns anything? Does it not matter that the word of God is not preached?

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